Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Unfortunately we are not yet setup to ship internationally. We are working to change that and encourage those of you living outside of the United States to sign up on our email list if you want to be notified once this is available.

How long does it take to ship and how are items shipped?

We usually ship out orders by the next day (except on weekends) with USPS Priority mail. Priority mail takes 2-3 days to reach anywhere in the United States. We use padded flat rate envelopes to ship our bottle opener, which is secured by an additional layer of bubble wrap for added protection. Our branded gear items ship differently, see below.

You will be notified when your items ship so please make sure you can receive emails from for updates unless you've signed up for notifications by phone.

The corkscrew came off the bottle opener, what do I do?

We stand by our word that the metal adhesive used is super strong and shouldn't break, so if your corkscrew comes undone you can send it back for repairs or replacement for free. 

1) Leave the cork on the corkscrew and then unscrew the corkscrew all the way to take a picture of the separated parts. 
2) Send us that picture and we will provide you with a shipping return label that you can download and print.
3) Please put the Unicork body and corkscrew (it'll be easier if you leave the wine cork attached) back inside the foam bag and black gift box for return and put all items inside of a USPS padded flat rate envelope and apply the return label which you will print, cut out and tape to the package (being careful not to tape over the barcode). 
4) Decide whether you want a replacement or if you'd simply like us to repair your Unicork to ensure that the connection is secure. 

When we repair it we'll clean out the corkscrew hole thoroughly using pipe cleaners (available at Walmart in the crafts section - white) and denatured alcohol to clean out any grime and ensure better contact with the adhesive. After it has dried we'll coat the screw threads with Red Loctite 271, the strongest metal adhesive available on the market, and screw the corkscrew back all the way in until tight while removing the excess adhesive that squeezes out. All items can be found at your local hardware store such as Lowes or Home Depot. Careful safety precautions (as indicated on the Red Loctite or denatured alcohol containers) must be taken by anyone who attempts these repairs themselves.

Once fixed, we'll mail it back at no charge. Total time for repairs would take up to 7 days round trip and up to 3 days for the repairs themselves. If you don't mind waiting and want to be certain it's fixed for good then repairs may be the best option. 

We will not repair or provide any refunds for Unicorks that are damaged beyond repair through excessive force that has bent or broken the metal. Gift boxes returned to us that are crushed or broken will be sent back with the replacement Unicork or else a higher restocking fee may be incurred.

How are refunds or replacements handled for the Unicork?

If the Unicork has already shipped to you then we will not be able to process a refund until you receive the item and send it back to us. Once we get it back from you in the same condition it was received we can process a refund, however, a re-stocking fee of up to $8 may be retained to cover any shipping or repackaging costs that we incur. You will need to contact us at first before returning anything and we will provide you with further instructions. 

We will not provide any refunds for Unicorks that are damaged beyond repair through excessive force that has bent or broken the metal. Gift boxes returned to us that are crushed or broken will either result in a higher restocking fee or be sent back with the replacement Unicork. USPS priority mail shipping includes insurance which should cover the replacement of the Unicork if they are at fault for any damages, but no refund or replacement can be issued to the customer until USPS makes that determination.

Our refund policy allows for up to 30 days after the item has shipped to claim a refund. 

Is the Unicork dishwasher safe?

No. The enamel paints might come out if blasted with hot high-pressure water. Also, like all metals the Unicork will eventually corrode over time when in frequent contact with liquids. To minimize this corrosion it should be kept dry. If it gets wet simply spot clean it and dry quickly. If it gets some other gunk on it then use whatever solvent is necessary to remove the gunk and then clean and dry it quickly so that no water lingers on the surface.



When will my branded gear item(s) arrive?

Branded items (clothes, mugs, etc.) are printed on demand to fulfill your order. A 3rd party fulfillment service offers this capability on our behalf.

This means it can take some time getting ready. Orders can take up to 10 days to print and then another 1 - 2 weeks to deliver.

You will be notified of updates to your order and your patience is greatly appreciated.

Please be sure to check your spam folder and accept emails from to make sure you don't miss any order notifications.

How will my shirt/mug be tracked?

When your order ships you should receive an update email from our system along with a tracking number for the carrier. Initially a tracking number may not provide updates until the final carrier receives it from the intermediary carrier. However, if you highlight and right-click your tracking number you can search it in Google to automatically be taken to search results for all relevant carriers associated with that tracking number.

Google's search results should show "Track a package" along with your tracking number and a blue button that says "FIND CARRIER". You may need to click that blue button again to be sure the data went through. Then select from the carrier options below that which say "Track via [carrier name]" to see the package status with each carrier. 

I received the wrong shirt/mug or one that was damaged!

If you have any problems please contact us at The 3rd party fulfillment service that fulfills our branded product orders has many clients and sometimes mistakes are made. If you send us a picture of the items along with the packaging we will ensure that you either receive a refund or the correct quality item(s).

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