Unicork Product Development

From a very simple (and poorly drawn) sketch on a notepad to a finished product, the goal of the Unicork has been to create a unicorn-shaped bottle opener that leveraged the key appendages of a unicorn as the mechanisms for opening bottles in a way that retained a uniquely unicorn appearance.

To wine drinking unicorn lovers a corkscrew as a unicorn horn seems obvious and yet the few unicorn bottle openers we could find have had no color and focus only on a unicorn's head to open wine bottles. They are also made of cheap plastic or wood that tend to break under pressure. Not to mention the discomfort when gripping such an awkward shape while pulling a cork.

In contrast, the Unicork is the full body of a unicorn cast entirely in durable metal and made for upright display. The golden horn opens wine bottles and its front two hooves open beer bottles. The shape of the body allows the Unicork to still have a horse-like appearance that also functions as a comfortable grip handle. The entire item is a solid 1.2 pounds of metal with aircraft grade adhesive joining the corkscrew to the body. Durability won't be an issue!

We have finally finished initial production and made this idea a reality!

If you'd like to own a Unicork you can order here.

The Unicork is a high-end decorative beer and wine bottle opener. We have invested substantial amounts into ensuring the quality and long term durability of this item. It is totally unique since it is our own creation which you cannot find from anyone else but us.

Jewelry trinkets NOT made from precious metals or gem stones will regularly sell for $30 or more and yet the Unicork costs a good deal more to produce than any such trinkets ever could. Once you hold a Unicork in your hands and feel its weight we believe you will fully appreciate its value.

It is designed with both form and function in mind and the shape which resembles a unicorn also doubles as an effective hand grip for comfortable wine and beer bottle opening. This is a truly original keepsake which can make for a memorable gift or conversation piece for your home. 


About Our Company

We are a small startup business looking to get started in product design and this was an original idea we thought we could make happen.  

Those who chose to pre-order were among the first to receive a Unicork in time for the holidays. We have additional unicorn and fantasy themed home products in mind for the Unicork brand. With support from customers like you we hope to grow our business and continue to provide you with more value.

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